We are Infinite || Glevio

Levi had been preparing for this day for almost two weeks. As soon as he’d been permitted to walk about and do normal things from the doctor, he started planning. His hand was in his tuxedo pocket, thumb running over the soft velvet of a tiffany blue box in his pocket. He just wanted to keep making sure that it was there. Because he’d almost lost it a total of three times since he bought it in Dublin. Geo was due to be done getting dressed in just a few minutes, and he didn’t want to ruin the big reveal of what they were wearing, so he’d waited downstairs.

In the reflective glass of the bar, he fixed his bowtie with amble fingers, and set down his boyfriend’s boutonniere and other rose on the counter to do so. He looked at himself in the glass, and actually thought he looked good. He turned to the bartender, “Do I smell good?” He asked, leaning in a little. The bartender raised an eyebrow, but gave him a sniff, and nodded.

"You smell magnicent." It sounded great with a French accent.

"Thanks." Levi took the flowers and went to stand leaning against an elegant sofa.

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